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I love making my customers happy and they often send me emails letting me know what they think of my bags. If you have your own comments or testimonials you'd like to send me please use the link on the contact page. I appreciate all the input and the photos!

Best, Ed

"Best stick bag EVER! I bought a Cac-Sac stick bag back in the '90s. It's a really fine crafted, beautifully designed, classy looking, leather stick bag that is SO well made." - Mike ‪Sabbarese‪

"I had been looking for the ideal trumpet case. It has to have four elements.

1. It has be looking cool. (I'm carrying it everyday and I do care about style!)

2. It has to be protective (nobody wants to ruin your horn while carrying it)

3. It has to have some space. (I'm always carrying a book or tablet)

4. It has to be light (I'm too old to carry a heavy one)

Here is the solution, custom hand made trumpet gig bag with vegetable tan leather with a pocket of hair on cowhide. Big shout out to Ed Caccavale! You are the man!" - Ryo Sasaki

​"In June my beautiful bride gave me a new stick bag... but not just any stick bag; a hand made, one of a kind, uniquely designed, leather stick bag! She put all the wheels in motion for me back then, and today I went and picked it up! Many thanks to Alfonse Vetere for facilitating this and to Ed Caccavale for his amazing handiwork! He built this with incredible attention to detail, and it is, quite simply, the finest stick bag I've ever seen. I think I probably now own the best stick bag on Earth! Many thanks to my beautiful wife Natalie Smith Gibbons for going the extra mile for me." -  Buddy Gibbons

​"My favorite stick bags are the ones made by "Cac Sac" those things are so well made it is unbelievable- mine is at least 20 years old and it is amazing how good of shape it is." - Felix

"Hi Ed, Just wanted to let you know that the bag arrived last week.  It is perfect, exactly 100% what I was looking for!  Thanks again!"  - Zoe